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Very angry with Ubuntu Natty

Cannot believe it.

One day an idiot wakes up and decides to spoil the way system-tray works since Age of Stone. Result? Well, you won't find your app anymore there. In this case, the idiot I'm talking about is the creator of Unity Ubuntu GUI. If you Google around for a while, you'll find a lot of disappointed people not finding anymore their favorite apps in system tray.

Luckily, crazyness hasn't got over GUI creators, and you can add your app to systray-whitelist using the following method.

First, get your current settings for systray-whitelist:
gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist

Then, add your app to the above list with this command:
gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "[ your_previous_list_here, 'wally']"

Since now I'm reconsidering my Ubuntu support. If I have to run after its creators' moodiness, better stay away and dedicate my time to coding new features.

Thank God, I use Slackware.

posted on Saturday, April 30, 2011
at 15:24:42 +0200

Wally 2.4

OS/2, Snow Leopard, more photo geometries ... I cannot type all the new available features, I'm too lazy, so please download it directly :)

posted on Monday, August 23, 2010
at 22:40:14 +0200

KUbuntu Lucid & Wally, 2nd episode

Packages are available. That's all, folks! :)

posted on Saturday, May 1, 2010
at 23:30:34 +0200

Slack Promo

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