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Created with free software
· European vs. Italian (ShockWave Flash)
· Whip The Worker (ShockWave Flash)
· Fart Machine v2.0 (ShockWave Flash)
· Hunter (ShockWave Flash)
· UuhAah (ShockWave Flash)
· Hit the Penguin! (ShockWave Flash)
· Saddam Outkast (ShockWave Flash)
· Male vs. Female (ShockWave Flash)
· Life (ShockWave Flash)
· Neuro (ShockWave Flash)
· A dyseducational road movie (ShockWave Flash)

Pat & Stanley
A hippo and a dog that know how to ROTFL someone!
You need DivX codec to watch them. Here you can find it.

· The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Audio Video File)
· Balloon (Audio Video File)
· Bathroom (Audio Video File)
· Frighten Me! (Audio Video File)
· On The Beach (Audio Video File)
· Toilet (Audio Video File)
· Too Loud (Audio Video File)

Other videos
· Rocky (ShockWave Flash)

· Don't Touch My Beer (MPEG Video)
· Use Condoms (MPEG Video)
· Starbucks Coffee (Microsoft Windows Media Video)

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This site is dedicated in loving memory of my uncle Michael, died on July, 2003.

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