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Well, that's a good question.

Despite of what you'll read here, it's (quite) near to you . Anyway, if you google around, many sites will try to convince you that we're talking about ...

The Southern Cross

I've to say firmly that it isn't a medical association. You may think about religious clan, but you're definitely wrong.
It's a constellation. These are some photos:

First image

Second image

So, where are we? Well, find a relatively big orange star. That's GaCrux, that stands for Gamma-Crux. We're at left. This picture will be self-explanatory:


That's all. You've find Beta-Crux, also called BeCrux.

Rumors about
  1. You can find it in Brazilian flag.

    Brasil flag

    Brasil flag stars

    State Star
    Säo Paulo Alpha Crucis (Acrux)
    Rio de Janeiro Beta Crucis (Becrux)
    Bahia Gamma Crucis (Gacrux)
    Minas Gerais Delta Crucis
    Espírito Santo Epsilon Crucis
  2. It's quite difficult to reach it by train. It's approximately 353 light years from where are you.
  3. Other names:
    · Mimosa
    · HR 4853
    · HD 111123
    · SAO 240259
    · FK5: 481
    · WDS 12477-5941A
  4. It's hot, blue giant having a luminosity about 3200 times that of the sun and a diameter about 8 times that of the sun.
  5. The intersection point of the Crux defines Southern Celestial Pole, which has been used as a navigational guide for thousands of years.

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