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Created with free software
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Current release: 1.0.0-1 - Development (beta)
Download it - Changelog

clamcour-0.2.3-1.src.rpmRPM Source
clamcour-0.2.3-1fc3.i386.rpmRedHat Package
clamcour-0.2.3-1rh9.i386.rpmRedHat Package

Previous releases:

ClamCour is a multithread Courier filter that allow Clam Antivirus to scan incoming mail for viruses, and rejects it if check is positive.
Attachments can be "quarantinated" and custom domain-based email reports can be sent.

· ClamAv 0.9.x or better
· Courier-MTA 0.43 or better (Russell Steicke reports that it works with 0.37.3)
· Boost Libraries 1.40.x or better
· LibXml2 2.7.x or better

ClamCour is a Boost-dependent source, so it should compile fine on any BSD system. Anyway, at the moment only Linux systems have been tested.

· cd build
· cmake ..
· make
· make install
· type "filterctl start clamcour" ... check your mail log for clamcour activation.

filterctl is a Courier binary, find it in your installation.


I'd like to thank:

· Flavio Stanchina <flavio (at) stanchina (dot) net>, for suggesting bugs and solutions.
Thanks to his debugging, multithreading in this release is now stable.
· Federico Baraldi <federico (at) fbaraldi (dot) it>, for "temporary dir" bug and 0.2.1 testing.
· Frederik Dannemare <frederik (at) dannemare (dot) net> for man page and future Debian packages.
· Christophe Greisberger <greisberger (at) zenon-media (dot) com> for suggesting maildrop bug resolved in 0.2.2 version.
· Marat Bakeev <hawara (at) hawara (dot) com> for helping me with a bug that sets a wrong size for sockaddr_un type on some platforms (i.e. FreeBSD).
· Jérôme Blion <jerome (at) hebergement-pro (dot) org> for helping me with dynamic linking of clamav library and for missing #defines.
· Guido Grazioli <guido (dot) grazioli (at) libero (dot) it> for RPM packages.
· Francisco J. Alvarez <fraalv (at) gmail (dot) com> for Solaris SPARC 64-bit platform testing.
· Denis Sorokin <denis (at) sorokin (dot) net> for 0.3.6 testing and bug fixing.
A special thank goes to Marat and Jérôme, that have offered all support that they were able to, and a working server where I was able to do my tests, and produce 0.2.3 release.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.

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This site is dedicated in loving memory of my uncle Michael, died on July, 2003.

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